Ceramic 3D printing

The workshop

Atelier Lumierrante is a production workshop specialized in ceramic 3D printing located in Paris, in the 11th arrondissement. Since its opening in 2020, we developed our activity in the fields of sculpture, design and architecture.


Our location in Paris allowed us to create a local production unit, which favors made-to-measure over standardized objects. Here the practice of ceramics is considered in a transdisciplinary way, by intermingling art and techniques according to the projects.


We use additive 3D printing technologies as an extension of traditional approaches to ceramic production. Our mastery of traditional manufacturing processes (modeling, casting, glazing) is added to skills in digital design (3D modeling and scanning, virtual reality, procedural coding). This mixture of know-how offers a wide range of possibilities in the work of ceramics. It allows us to process complex geometries and generate unique surface treatments.


We pay great attention to the details and finishes of each project. In particular, we are developing an extensive research in the field of high temperature glazes. This work allows us to use the specificity of the ceramics materials and their great aesthetic potentials. Our glaze catalogue includes a wide range of colors, materials and textures. We also create specific glazes on request.


Atelier Lumierrante stands up for precise, original and innovative ceramics. It is a production workshop on a human scale, which rethinks its approach according to the specificity of each project and tries to reinvest the importance of the material in the our daily life objects.

The team

Jessica Boubetra : architect, artist

Jean-Baptiste Lenglet : artist

Pictures : Zhao Sun for Peter Wu Paris


Atelier Lumierrante 

12 bis, rue Robert et Sonia Delaunay, 75011 Paris

Open by appointment.


Our online shop, which offers a selection of design objects edited by Atelier Lumierrante.