Ceramics 3D printing


Jessica Boubetra – Plantasia

2021, series of seven columns in glazed stoneware

aeyde vase

Production for the brand aeyde

2021, stoneware vase, 38 cm



2021, series of stoneware stools, dimensions variable

Totem cups

Totem cups

2021, series of modular cups, glazed stoneware, dimensions variable

Endormie I

Production for the artist Guillaume Constantin

“Endormie I”, 2021, glazed stoneware, 35x30x20 cm

Combinaison linéaire

Jessica Boubetra – Combinaison linéaire

2019, column in porcelain, 25 x 25 x 185 cm

Songe ductile

Jessica Boubetra – Songe ductile

2017, glazed stoneware, 20 elements, variable dimensions